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Best suited for commercial spaces, ducted air conditioning Sydney NSW provides consistent cooling and is energy saving

Our ducted air conditioning system operates within two or more zones ensuring cost savings. The extremely quiet compressor unit is installed outside the home. The indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing conditioned Air through the vents located through out the house.
Ducted systems can be designed to operate with two or more zones/dampers,for example you can operate your Air Conditioning system in the living area during the day and in the bedrooms at night saving you money on energy cost.
Return air grille with filter removes household dust.
Fully programmable 24hour/ 7 day timer.
Whisper quiet operation.
Quiet outdoor unit.
Ducting to the rooms of your choice.(Air Conditioned)
Energy efficient unit cools or heats the air quietly and is available for the whole house or zoned area.
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Inverter technology
When you turn on an inverter, the motor will start up slowly so that it does not use a lot of power, then the motor slowly speeds up to full power on a sliding scale. Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney This way the system uses less power to initially start up. 
As the airconditioner gets closer to reaching your desired temperature that you requested on your keypad, the motor will start slowing down, thus using less electricity. And as an added benefit, the temperature in your home will remain more constant, assuming the heatload has been done and you have sized your airconditioning system correctly.The end result is that the motor does not have to completley stop and because of this you dont use a lot of electricity trying to make the airconditioning system commence from a complete stop. 
Avoid an undersized systems or you will use more electricity than a conventional air conditioning systems.

Teknicool Airconditioning can design, install and service the best possible system for your home. Ducted Reverse Cycle Airconditioning gives the best cooling performance regardless of humidity levels.Each home is different therefore we will make recommendations based on its layout and your needs. We will come to you for a an obligation free consultation to assist in planning the best system for the size of your Sydney home.


Often ignored, the standard of ductwork used in an air conditioning system can make a real difference to the operation, economy and life expectancy of any system.at Teknicool we use all metal fittings for improved reliability and also use Superior Energy Smart Ultra Flexible duct with polyester insulation reduces losses by nearly 50%.

System Design

The design of an air conditioning system is critical. We need to take into account all factors such as the size and orientation of the rooms, the type of construction, and most importantly the lifestyle of the occupants.Australian homes typically have large individual living areas requiring multiple air-conditioning zones (multi-zoning). Zones are frequently shut down when only certain parts of the home require airconditioning to minimize operating costs. We are one of Sydney’s Air Conditioning Companies.

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