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It is not an option to let your Air Conditioning Sydney system fail. You may be here because you wish to learn all you can to make your Air Conditioning Sydney last a long time. This article is for you!
Before calling someone to repair your system, make sure you know what kind of Air Conditioning Sydney system you actually have. Learn the brand and the model. This will let you know that you’re able to give the contractor the information that can help them.

TIP! If your Air Conditioning Sydney & Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney system us giving you issues, take a look around the house prior to calling a contractor. Note which rooms are hot and which are cold.

If you struggle with your Air Conditioning Sydney, try touring your home before calling a professional. Notice the temperature in each room. Are some cooler or hotter than others? This information will help the contractor determine where the problem is and how to fix it.
What do you need done? Know this before calling a contractor. It will be difficult for an Air Conditioning Sydney contractor to provide you with an estimate on the phone without knowing what your current setup is. If you can’t explain changes you’ve made, the process will be even more difficult. So be aware of this information ahead of time.
Clean your condenser’s fan blades and coils come spring. Turn off your power before doing any job like this. Keep the exterior of the condenser unit free of debris.

TIP! Clean your fan and coils when the weather begins to warm. Make sure your power is off before doing more than cleaning, such as working on the unit.

Outdoor condenser units need to be cleaned regularly. Your Air Conditioning Sydney system may run into problems after storms if it is surrounded by debris. It can cause the unit to overheat and break down.
The coils and blades on the fans should be cleaned once a year. Turn it off first so you don’t get hurt or break something. Then remove the grill, remove the blades and clean it from top to bottom gently.

Grass Clippings

TIP! Clean any debris that accumulates on an external condenser unit. You don’t know when things are going to pile up, like right after it’s windy or rains, and that can ruin your system.

Avoid showering your outdoor unit with grass clippings when you mow the lawn. Aim the grass clippings in the other direction. The same thing should go on when you blow leaves, so take your time when you’re working around Air Conditioning Sydney units that are around when you’re blowing debris around.
As you can see from reading the above article, it is vital that you take good care of your Air Conditioning Sydney system to prevent it from going bad. If it breaks, it can be quite costly to get up and running again. Use the tips you’ve just been given to keep yours in working order.
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